I am back in Cambodia for the winter. Here is a photo I took off my deck overlooking the Mekong River south of Phnom Penh at about 6 a.m. on a recent morning. The village where I live comes to life around 5:30 each morning – local monks chanting, roosters crowing. I am often up at 4 or 5 doing phone calls with the U.S., where it is 12-15 hours earlier, depending on time zone SunriseMekong.

Finding a Foothold, new Knight Foundation report on nonprofit news ventures

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Knight Foundation this week published an in-depth look at 18 nonprofit news organizations. It’s a follow up to a report Knight produced two years ago and both focus on sustainability. I helped research and write both reports.

The report provides encouraging news – more organizations are growing and diversifying their revenue sources, moving away from heavy reliance on foundations. Still, the challenges are many: Understanding and engaging their audiences and figuring out how to monetize them is critical to success.

Here are key links:

The report: Finding a Foothold

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Michele’s List 2013 survey of online news start ups

This week, I published results of a survey earlier this year of publishers of 53 online news startups. Thanks to all who participated. I am definitely seeing progress and it’s important to look beyond the averages to best practices of publishers, especially on the revenue side. In addition to posting survey highlights, I wrote a post that features interviews with three publishers who are seeing significant revenue gains.
I conducted the survey on Michele’s List, a database of online local news sites.