Block by Block: Community News Summit 2012

General registration is open for the Block by Block summit, Sept. 13-15 in Chicago.

This is the third summit for which I’m leading up the organizing. Online community news entrepreneurs are making progress on growing their businesses and revenues, and the focus of Block by Block is to help with that. So the program will be heavily focused in those areas, including sessions on ad sales, mobile, customer relations management, partnerships, hiring and managing employees, and operating like a business. I’m excited about the line up of expert presenters and facilitators we will bring to the summit.

We also have terrific support from The Patterson Foundation, Reynolds Journalism Institute, Knight Foundation, Knight Digital Media Center, Knight News Innovation Lab, and Loyola University, where the event will be held.

Learn more about the event and register, here..

Update on my work

An earlier version of this site inexplicably disappeared from the Internet recently. The able folks at Techliminal rebuilt most of it, but not all the content could be restored.

Here are a few links to things I’ve been working on during this content gap: